IMG_8200Until a few months ago, the last time I ran a mile straight was my freshman year of high school. I’d dropped out of band, and that meant I needed to take a physical education class in its place. All semester, I dreaded running warmup laps before each class and agonized over the Big Day — the one where we’d run our timed mile.

When the Big Day came, I finished somewhere near last, and I’d taken a few walking breaks throughout.

Suffice it to say I was never much of a runner.

Something like 14 years has passed now, and I have a severe case of Running FOMO. There are people out there having fun — having fun running — and I’m standing on the sidelines wishing I knew how to put one foot in front of the other a little faster.

So I made a somewhat rash decision to quit being a bystander. I signed up for the Good Life Halfsy, a half-marathon in my hometown of Lincoln, and this is my journey.

Part accountability, part self-reflection, and part inspiration. Or at least I hope.